About Me

I'm 75 and Retired to do Internet Marketing because I love mentoring and helping people to be Successful.I have had amazing mentors ,so I like passing on knowledge that I have learnt and still learning Plus making great Friendships. 

​I have 4 wonderful Children 14 Grand Children & 1 Great Grand Child. I have started getting serious in Online Marketing only in the last 12 months I followed my amazing sponsor Jeff Aman in to Prosperity Marketing System this has allowed me to make a monthly income.

Jeff then pointed me in the direction of $5 Friday Operated by Frank Andres this was the best decision I could have ever made Frank is an amazing mentor I'm know taking my online Business to the next level & this will let me help my children & Grand Children especially one who has Potts Disease it causes her to faint sometimes 25 times a day at this time there is no cure, but she still has a positive outlook on life.

I also have my own Membership Safelist Site which I'm Building called Ad Exchange Team.


Email: garrytatwsl@gmail.com.

​Messenger Link:https://www.facebook.com/garry.tatnell